JFA Medical School Science Lab First Aid Kit - 100 Piece Kit

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JFA Medical School Science Lab First Aid Kit - 100 Piece Kit

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£37.14 incl. VAT £30.95  excl. VAT
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  • Eyewash Pods x 30
  • Disposable Gloves (Pairs) x 10
  • Burns Dressings x 6
  • Washproof Plasters x 20
  • Quick Fix Eye Bandages x 2
  • Quick Fix Finger Bandages x 2
  • Medium Dressings x 5
  • Large Dressings x 5
  • Moist Wipes x 20


This is JFA Medical's School Science Lab First Aid Kit, designed specially for the laboratory environemnt 


  • Burns Dressings: we have included our premium hydrogel burn dressings, as we know the risk of burns in a science lab is much higher than the usual classroom environment, with frequent use of eqiupment such as Bunsen Burners
  • Premium chemical resistant nitirile gloves: most first aid kits contain the cheaper vinyl glove, here we have included nitirle gloves. Nitrile, a synthetic rubber (latex free), is the gold standard in high risk settings such as labortories and healthcare settings
  • Sterile Saline Eye Wash Solution: We have included lots of sterile saline solution pods, in case chemical irritants, come in contact we the eyes.
  • Finger Dressings, from our experience finger injuries are particuarlly common in the lab enviroment, therefore we have include our sterile finger dressigns as well as plenty of washproof plasters

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